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About Immich Distribution

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These pages contains documentation related to the snap package immich-distribution. It's based on Immich, a self hosted Google Photos replacement in early development. The package is inspired of the official Immich images. It will be similar, but not identical with the official Docker-based installation. Extra tools and customizations are included. This project is not related to FUTO in any way.


Do not expect me to release updates the same day as the upstream Immich release. Immich is a really fast moving project and it's not uncommon that it takes me a few days to find the time to prepare a release. When Immich releases an update, I will build and push an update and try it out for a few days before I release it to the stable channel. You can track update progress over at GitHub.


The GitHub project page is also the place where you can suggest ideas, ask questions, report bugs and overall keep yourself informed on what's going on with the project.


I deployed the Docker based images on a server initally, it worked just fine1. But Immich is fast moving, with updates several times a week is not uncommon. I know that I'm lazy be nature and I have really enjoyed running Nextcloud as a snap package for several years. This has been a zero care experience for me, it just updates in the background automatically. There was no solution like that for Immich, so I created Immich Distribution. Sure, this is more job for me to run compared to "just run the docker images" but now, you and hundreds of people have a super easy deployment option.


I like to keep upstream Immich a thriving project, so if you have the possibility please consider to support the project. If you like to support this project. Use the software, report issues, write suggestions, contribute with bugfixes and help me to test new releases. A simple ⭐ or 👍 at the right place will also keep me motivated. See the projects GitHub repository for more information.

  1. I had a little trouble with Docker/Podman, bit that's not a fault of Immich and out of scope of this discussion.